Month: July 2016

Do you have “actor voice”??

Okay, so there’s this thing that sometimes happens with actors that like to call “actor voice.” Let me explain. Actor voice is when something about the performer’s voice sounds or feels inauthentic. As the listener, your bullshit meter starts to siren: “Bull-shit bull-shit! Something about what that person is doing is FAKE. I don’t believe […]

In honor of our teachers, and today especially my teacher Paul

This past Tuesday was Guru Purnima, one of the most special days in the Vedic tradition. It is a day marked on the full moon in July which celebrates our teachers, our gurus. As a Vedic meditator, I was really thrilled to be able to observe it in the company of a huge group of […]

Better OUT than IN

You woke up this morning and you feel crappy. You’re sad, you’re out of sorts, and you don’t feel like going to work (/school/rehearsal/wherever you need to go). What should you do? Option A: Stay in bed. Option B: Get up and mope around feeling sad. Stare blankly at the mirror while you brush your […]

Learn how we learn everything (aka the Unconscious Competence Model)

Recently I’ve been teaching something called the “Unconscious Competence Model” in my classes and sessions a lot. I like to alternately call it the “how-we-learn-anything/OMG-this-explains-everything” model, because it describes how we learn anything new or acquire a new skill. I believe that when we dive in and hack this process it gives us a much better understanding […]

How do we cope in the face of world events?

I’m part of an amazing community of female entrepreneurs on Facebook (it’s called Dreamers//Doers and truly, it’s amazing), and we often converse about things beyond the scope of our businesses. This past weekend, our founder shared a beautiful post about how challenging it can be to cope with the news of tragic or unsettling world […]