Month: November 2016

Conversation requires speaking and listening

Yesterday in the United States, people gathered with their families or people they cherish to celebrate Thanksgiving. To express gratitude, and to engage in – or perhaps avoid – conversation. I’ve been thinking a lot about conversation recently, and about what constitutes true conversation. Here’s one thing I know (and I bet you agree): Communication […]

Welcome to Speak From Your Vagina

I’ve got a little announcement about a side-project I’ve been working on… Welcome to Speak From Your Vagina. Speak From Your Vagina is a movement launching in the wake of the US presidential election. Read on to learn all about the project, and scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how you become […]

It’s time to take action and lift our voices

Yesterday morning when I woke up the world felt incredibly quiet. I, my family, my friends, so many of us, were in shock. I truly didn’t think we lived in a country where we would elect Donald Trump. I’ve been thinking a lot about something I studied during my sophomore year of high school in […]