Month: December 2016

A New Years Gift From My Friend Lynn Singer

Happy New Year! This is my friend Lynn Singer’s Animal Visualization, which we talked about on facebook live. It will help you locate ideas, feelings, and emotions that have been buried in your mind. It is a beautiful journey to free the parts of you that have been hidden. For more information about Lynn, visit […]

You are an energy worker

I have this theory about us performer/presenter/storyteller/speech-giver types. We are all energy workers. I know you may not practice reiki or healing light therapy, but I still believe you are a crafter and shaper of energy. In fact, I think all humans are. Think about it… if you smile at a stranger, you have the […]

Do you have a sensitive nervous system? [quiz]

When I ask you “Do you have a sensitive nervous system?” you may not know your answer right off the bat. So let’s do a quiz… Imagine that you’re getting up in front of people to perform or give a speech, and the stakes are reasonably high. Answer the following four questions: How nervous do […]