Month: August 2017

Finding “the Health” in the United States

Note: I do not own the rights to the picture above (and I hope I won’t get in trouble for putting it on this blog!) The picture is part of artist Eric Fischer’s See something or say something project on Flickr. It was difficult to think of an image to accompany this article, and upon doing […]

Introducing Voice Body Kirtan – mark your calendar!

Update 10/1/2017: Voice Body Kirtan is now on Wednesday nights, and you can sign up here! — Dear All, I am so excited to share the details of my new offering with you today. Introducing… Voice Body Kirtan! ✨🎶🗣💖 What this means is: I’m starting a weekly chanting gathering in New York City, and you’re invited […]

Tongue Twisters with Fricatives

Last lesson we learned our fricatives – the consonants we make by creating friction between our articulators. This week we’re putting them into Language context in tongue twisters! Two of them are intermediate and the other one is ADVANCED – so check them out and see if you can become a master and how fast you […]