Animal Movements (Body)

Guess what happened…

On Monday I was having a session with a private client, and I said “I know what would be great for your warm up. Try the animals exercise!!” So I hopped over to the How To Warm Up youtube playlist to grab the link, and it wasn’t there. Hmm.

After the session I started digging, and I realized O.M.G… Suzie and I got our wires crossed on dates and we never released the video!! I pinky swear we had no intention of doing this, but it’s certainly a hilarious accident: we’ve got a How To Warm Up encore for you!! 🎉 And it happens to be potentially the most ridiculous warm up of all, so it just couldn’t be more perfect.

Here’s the deal with this one: I imagine you’ve noticed that animals move in tons of different ways and aren’t shy about stretching their bodies however they want to. So then if we want to get a really good stretch as part of our vocal and physical warm up, it makes sense that we could just act like an animal! In this extra super special bonus How To Warm Up video, we’ll be channeling the mighty lion, the tiny mouse, the moo-ing cow, and the meow-ing cat to warm up our body.

Watch the Animal Movements video here:

Now the *best* thing of all would be to see you doing this. If you’re willing to make an Instagram or Facebook story, please tag me in it (@voicebodyelissa/Voice Body Connection) and I’ll share!



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