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Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 2: Continuous Sounds (Language)

Comin’ atcha with Part 2 of the Exaggerate Your Sounds exercise! This week we’re making every possible lllllllooooooooonnnnnng sound that we can. That includes vowels plus categories of consonants that are called frictatives, nasals, and approximants/semi-vowels. (You’ll get what I mean once you watch the video!). The exercise will take you considerably longer than Part 1 when we were making things short and sharp, so be patient and take your time. I find that if you really invest in making all these sounds as you do the exercise, your clarity becomes so much better!

Watch Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 2: Continuous Sounds here:

Fun? Weirdest ever? Both?? Whatever your experience, I hope you also feel like your communication is clearer!





Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 1: Sharp Sounds (Language)

Here’s an exercise to help you with your reading! In Part One of two videos about exaggerating your sounds, you’ll learn how going overboard to do an exercise that makes your crisp explosive sounds even crisper can help with the clarity of delivering text or a speech.

This How To Warm Up video falls in the category of Language, so it’s all about ultimately helping your listener understand your message better. Try it and see if it helps you! And standby for Part 2 of the video next week!

Watch Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 1: Sharp Sounds video here:




Patting and Massaging (Body)

When’s the last time you got a professional massage? Of course I hope your answer is “Yesterday!,” but chances are that’s not the case. I mean look, getting a massage requires transporting yourself to a different location, paying someone money, lying naked on a table for an hour, and of course subjecting yourself to a potentially weird or uncomfortable experience if the person isn’t great. What’s easier? Give yourself a 3 minute self massage every day as part of your warm up! Check out this week’s How To Warm Up video to learn how open-handed patting and self-massage can wake up your limbs and ribcage to be ready to perform!

Watch the Patting and Massaging video here:

Feel good? I hope you do!




Swinging Sequence (Body)

Did you know that spinal flexibility is really important to your overall health? (If you’re a chiropractor, I’m guessing your answer to this is yes!!). Of course your spinal health contributes to your alignment, which means it’s also really important for your voice. So including spinal movements in your vocal/physical warm up is crucial. And an easy way to include spinal movements in your warm up is to do this really fun and simple swinging sequence. In these exercises, you’ll use the momentum of swinging your body to get your spine moving in all possible directions. Let’s do it – you’ll feel awesome afterwards and the whole thing takes less than a minute!

Watch Swinging Sequence video here:

I hope you feel warm, awake, and tingly afterward! ✨



Stretching Sequence (Body)

Hey you! Question: what do you do when you wake up in the morning and you know it would feel good to move? I’m gonna take a wild guess… you go get coffee! (Am I right, am I right?!) Okay maybe you’re actually good at taking a moment to stretch rather than reaching for the ingestible stimulants. But just in case you aren’t doing your morning stretching, let’s make it easy for you… try this really simple stretching sequence as a great addition to your warm up and/or do it at the very start of your day! I am willing to guarantee that you’ll feel better after you do it.

Watch the Stretching Sequence Exercise here:

Happy stretching!



Sun Salutations (Body)

Do you like yoga? Are you scared of it?? Either way, I encourage you to try this simple yoga warm up for your body. It’s a super common practice called Sun Salutations – and in fact we’re just doing the half-version so it’s truly easy to follow even if you’ve never practiced before. Yoga is all about syncing your movement and your breath, which is incredibly beneficial as part of a voice warm up. So follow along in this week’s How To Warm Up video and learn how Sun Salutations can be a fun, easy part of your daily routine.

Watch the Sun Salutations video here:

Enjoy and namaste 💕🕉✨




Soft Palate Exercises (Articulation)

Do you ever have issues with clarity with your nasal sounds? (M, N, or NG?) If so, you may actually have a soft palate issues. You may know your soft palate as the squishy part at the back of the roof of your mouth, but something you may not know about it is that it’s actually a flap of tissue that lowers and raises to close off the airway to your nasal passages! Whoa!!

In order to have super clear nasal sounds then, and also to have less nasality in your overall speaking voice, you need to have a very dextrous soft palate. So if you think yours could use a little workout, then I suggest checking out this week’s How To Warm Up video!

Watch the Soft Palate Exercises video here:

I hope this helps you have more clarity in your voice!



Humming (Sound)

In today’s How To Warm Up video, we’ll talk about why humming is one of the simplest and most fabulous exercises to warm up your voice. Why is it so great? Because humming up and down in pitch is a gentle stretch for your vocal cords! So it’s great to use as a warm up or cool down… in the same way that you would stretch out your hamstrings before and after you run.

I highly encourage you to adopt humming as part of your daily routine, and especially if you’re practicing making sound while releasing vocal tension.

Watch the Humming exercise video here

Do this instead of clearing your throat!



Full Laryngeal Massage (Sound)

Today’s How To Warm Up video is a really big one! My existing laryngeal massage video from the beta round of How To Warm Up has 26,000 views and counting on youtube… which means that people are obviously searching to learn how to release tension in their throat! Are you one of the people who’s curious?? If so, I’ve got great news for you. The old video only featured two of the five full steps I teach to release muscle tension in and around the larynx. But this video features all five steps! If you’re someone who wants to release muscle tension and mitigate vocal fatigue – waste no time. Watch this video now and start practicing:

Watch the Full Laryngeal Massage video here

I hope you find more freedom and ease in your throat… and let me know if you have any questions!



Chanting the Primary Vowel Sounds (Resonance)

Did you know that vowel sounds are created by the shape and placement of your tongue in your mouth? Try a few vowel sounds to see what I mean!

First say a long “Ahhhh.” For this sound, your tongue is low in your mouth.

Next say a long “Ooohh.” For this sound, your tongue is high in the back of your mouth and your lips come forward.

Finally say a long “Eeeee.” For this sound, your tongue comes higher in the front of your mouth.

Can you feel all that?!?

In today’s How To Warm Up video, you’ll learn how to chant these three cardinal (primary) vowel sounds to create more resonance and power in your voice.

Try the Chanting the Primary Vowel Sounds exercise here:

To cite where this is coming from… this exercise combines techniques that I’ve learned in my studies of yoga and Sanskrit, theatre voice training, singing pedagogy, and Body-Mind Centering. In other words, a lot of people think this vowel/directionality/chanting exploration is a thing! So I’m excited to share it with you.

Let me know what you think by commenting below… I’d love to hear what you discover!