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Oral Resonance (Resonance)

Oral resonance is the quality of sound that bounces around in your oral cavity… aka your mouth. It helps you have a sound with more depth and richness of tone. In today’s How To Warm Up video you’ll learn how to tap into oral resonance so your sound bounces powerfully off the roof of your mouth and reaches your listener’s ear with ease. Who knows, you may even land a job as a radio DJ with this one!

Watch the Oral Resonance video here:

Alright – hop to it friends!



Loft Resonance (Resonance)

It’s time for another How To Warm Up video about resonance! In today’s video you’re going to learn how tapping on the top of your head will help you lengthen your vocal tract (the voice tube, if you will) up and down so you get a more lofty, floating sound. This exercise is especially valuable for people who are experiencing vocal fatigue and want to make a fuller sound with less work.

Watch the Loft Resonance video here:

Short, sweet, and helpful I hope! And stay tuned for another video on resonance next week 😊


Mask Resonance (Resonance)

Wanna have a voice that travels powerfully through space and pings off the side of the room? Work on your mask resonance! In today’s How To Warm Up video you will learn how to tap into the “mask” resonance in the front of your face (think cheekbones and eyebrows), you’ll be able to create a more powerful sound with less work. Sounds pretty appealing, right? Let’s do it!

Learn the Mask Resonance exercise here:

Enjoy this!!




Sound That Feels True To You (Impulse)

In today’s How To Warm Up video, we’re going back to the very beginning: our initial impulse to make sound. This one might feel a little bit woo-woo earth-crunchy to you (you always knew I was wearing Birkenstocks on those feet!), but I promise it’s a great one to try.

The deal is: you’re going to make a sound – yes just make a sound, not say a word – that feels true to you in the moment. Kinda like a sigh. And you’re then going to ask yourself: Was that really the sound I wanted to make in that moment? When you actually get good at knowing whether your impulses are making their way into sound, you’re so much more connected to your voice and desire to speak! So let’s try this woo-woo thing, shall we?

Watch the Sound That Feels True to You video here



Straws (Sound)

It’s time for another How To Warm Up video, and today we’re doing a very classic vocal warm-up involving a very easy to find prop: a straw!

Learn how using a smoothie or soda straw, or even a coffee stirrer can up the ante on your vocal warm up and teach you how to calibrate your airflow so you’re not overdoing it. It’s simple, highly effective, and a great way to get your vocal cords functioning optimally. So let’s do it, shall we?

Practice the Straws exercise here:

Happy buzzing!!




How To Warm Up Your Voice: The Intro to the “How To Warm Up” Series

Welcome to the How To Warm Up video series!! 🎉

If you’re like: “Ummmm, Elissa, I’ve been watching these videos for a year…” then I know the welcome sounds weird. I’m welcoming you back though, because I recently got around to re-filming the introduction video! (As you may have noticed if you’ve been following the videos for a while, they’ve had a new look in the last six months. After getting feedback that the series was really helpful, I upgraded from filming them on my phone to working with my awesome videographer Carlos ✨)

So here’s your intro/refresher on how the series works! Essentially, I created the How To Warm Up series to help you learn how to warm up your voice and body (that’s a little bit of duh, isn’t it 🙃😆). But rather than making one ten-minute warm-up video for you and calling it a day, I want to teach you how to fish for yourself so to speak. That’s why there’s a system behind the exercises to help you design the best warm up for you on any given day. This intro video will teach you that system and how to use the playlist. Check it out so you can warm up to be your best self when you’re performing on a stage, filming on camera, or even heading into a big meeting with your boss!

Watch the How to Warm Up Your Voice video here:

If you’re newer to the Voice Body Connection community, I hope this intro gives you some really useful context. And of course you can check out the whole How To Warm Up playlist here on youtube.

Let me know how your warm ups are going, and of course if you have any questions!




Shoulder, Neck, and Jaw Tension Release (Sound)

Today’s How To Warm Up video is going to be useful for a lot of us… because I can’t remember the last time I encountered a human who said: “Wow! My shoulders, neck, and jaw are SO relaxed!!” 😆

If you’re like the rest of us, then you too have tension in your shoulders, neck, and a jaw. And guess what my friend… that’s affecting your voice. So I highly recommend you do this simple sequence of three exercises once a day to undo those patterns of tension.

Check out the “Shoulder, Neck, and Jaw Tension Release” exercise here:

Try speaking out loud right after you do the exercises, and let me know you feel and hear the results right away!




Breath of Fire (Breath)

In today’s How To Warm Up video, I’m covering a breathing technique from yoga called Breath of Fire!! 🔥

Breath of fire, which is called kapalabhati in Sanskrit (that means skull-shining breath 💀🌟) is used as a technique to move energy upward in the body, or make the coiled kundalini ‘snake’ begin to rise 🐍.

Breath of fire is practiced in and out through the nose, and even though we breathe through the mouth when we’re speaking or singing (certainly on the exhalation, and I would argue on the inhalation at most times too), I think practicing this technique is useful for us speakers and singers. When we practice Breath of fire, it helps reinforce the pattern that energy, voice, breath, and even emotion, travel up and out to leave the body ⬆️. So in many ways, kapalabhati is the same as the breath support exercise I teach, but just a bit more vigorous and a bit more yogic.

Want to try? Watch the “Breath of Fire” exercise here:

Let me know if this helps with your breath support, or if you have any questions!




Release on the Inhalation (Breath)

Our How To Warm Up video is longer than usual today. Why? Because it’s one of the most important exercises I teach, and I think you deserve to understand it fully! The exercise is called “Release on the Inhalation” and it’s for your breathing. It will teach you how to take an easy breath, which is incredibly important for speaking or singing without excess effort. I could go on and on about how this exercise will transform your ability to perform with confidence, ease any anxiety, and teach your nervous system how to be more adaptive. But I’ll leave the talking for the video – I trust that if you want to be a more centered performer/presenter you’ll have a watch!

Check out the “Release on the Inhalation” exercise here:

Also biggest credit and thanks to my mentor and colleague David Ley (my collaborator on Vibrant Voice Technique) for creating this exercise by coming up with the idea to reverse progressive relaxation… brilliant!




Quick Articulator Sequence (Articulation)

Today’s How To Warm Up video is quick, easy, and goofy as usual. Check out my favorite warm up sequence for the articulators – namely the lips, tongue, and jaw (and a little somethin’ somethin’ for the skull too because it feels good!). If you get really good at this one, you can probably do the whole thing in under a minute. In fact, I’d like to see you try (yes that’s actually a challenge – post a video on my facebook page if you’re brave enough!!)

Check out the “Quick Articulator Sequence” exercise here:

Can’t wait to see your scrunched faces.