The “Sh, Let It Go” Breath Support Exercise

We’re back with another “How To Warm Up” video, and today we’re covering breath support!

In the last video on Body we covered one of my favorite new things – abdominal massage. Massaging your guts is super beneficial for helping your belly release so you can allow in an easy, expansive inhalation.
When we’re producing sound, the exhalation isn’t just released… rather it needs to be supported and energized. That means there’s actually engagement and work happening in the low abdominal muscles. Today’s video will help you feel how to engage the power of breath support without overdoing it. (And you’ll also learn why your voice is like a toothpaste tube! 😜 )

Check out the “Sh, Let It Go” Breath Support Exercise here:

Enjoy! Don’t overdo it, and let me know if you have any questions!



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