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Introducing Voice Body Kirtan – mark your calendar!

Update 10/1/2017: Voice Body Kirtan is now on Wednesday nights, and you can sign up here! — Dear All, I am so excited to share the details of my new offering with you today. Introducing… Voice Body Kirtan! ✨🎶🗣💖 What this means is: I’m starting a weekly chanting gathering in New York City, and you’re invited […]

I’ve had a revelation here in Bali…

On my first Sunday night here in Bali, I went to a kirtan. For those of you who have never heard of it before, a kirtan is basically a Sanskrit sing-a-long. Perhaps the reason you’d be familiar with it is because you’ve seen Bhakti yogis sitting in orange robes in a park singing “Hare Krishna, […]

Why I came to Bali…

{Warning: this post is gonna have lots of pictures and emojis 📷  😜 } It all starts last summer when I went to Burning Man for the first time. For those of you who haven’t gone or heard of Burning Man, it’s a huge week-long festival in the Nevada Desert that centers around radical self-reliance, […]

Elissa on the cover of Psoriasis Advance magazine

Friends, Clients, and Colleagues, I am beyond honored to be featured and on the cover of the Spring 2017 issue of Psoriasis Advance magazine. I have had psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that manifests as a skin condition, my whole life. In recent years I have become more outspoken about my struggles with it and my path to healing […]

A New Years Gift From My Friend Lynn Singer

Happy New Year! This is my friend Lynn Singer’s Animal Visualization, which we talked about on facebook live. It will help you locate ideas, feelings, and emotions that have been buried in your mind. It is a beautiful journey to free the parts of you that have been hidden. For more information about Lynn, visit […]

Welcome to Speak From Your Vagina

I’ve got a little announcement about a side-project I’ve been working on… Welcome to Speak From Your Vagina. Speak From Your Vagina is a movement launching in the wake of the US presidential election. Read on to learn all about the project, and scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how you become […]

It’s time to take action and lift our voices

Yesterday morning when I woke up the world felt incredibly quiet. I, my family, my friends, so many of us, were in shock. I truly didn’t think we lived in a country where we would elect Donald Trump. I’ve been thinking a lot about something I studied during my sophomore year of high school in […]

You want to know: How Was Burning Man?

Well it’s hard to explain. It was epic. It was dusty. It was joyful. It was all the things. I tried my darnedest to write about it, but whoa that would have been an epically long blog. So instead I did my favorite thing: I went live on facebook for a very special Friday Lesson […]