Chanting the Sound Om

We’re going full-on yoga in today’s How To Warm up video… woohoo! In this video we’re going to play with resonance by chanting the sound Om. Om, which is also sometimes written as Aum, is the yoga mantra of the whole universe. It contains within it three sounds: Ah, Oo, and Mm. Ah is said to symbolize beginning or creation, Oo is said to symbolize middle or maintenance, and Mm pertains to ending or destruction. So by chanting the full sound Om, we tap into the vibrations of the whole universe, and the 3 dimensions of space in the vocal tract. Check it out and you too can start chanting Om to explore and improve your resonance (and elevate your spirit!).

Watch the Chanting the Om exercise (resonance) here:

Happy chanting!




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