Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 1: Sharp Sounds (Language)

Here’s an exercise to help you with your reading! In Part One of two videos about exaggerating your sounds, you’ll learn how going overboard to do an exercise that makes your crisp explosive sounds even crisper can help with the clarity of delivering text or a speech.

This How To Warm Up video falls in the category of Language, so it’s all about ultimately helping your listener understand your message better. Try it and see if it helps you! And standby for Part 2 of the video next week!

Watch Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 1: Sharp Sounds video here:




2 thoughts on “Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 1: Sharp Sounds (Language)

  1. Leslie Cohen says:


    You are a gem! Your content is always informative, concise, and delivered clearly. It is a pleasure to learn with you.

    In gratitude,

    Leslie Cohen

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