Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 2: Continuous Sounds (Language)

Comin’ atcha with Part 2 of the Exaggerate Your Sounds exercise! This week we’re making every possible lllllllooooooooonnnnnng sound that we can. That includes vowels plus categories of consonants that are called frictatives, nasals, and approximants/semi-vowels. (You’ll get what I mean once you watch the video!). The exercise will take you considerably longer than Part 1 when we were making things short and sharp, so be patient and take your time. I find that if you really invest in making all these sounds as you do the exercise, your clarity becomes so much better!

Watch Exaggerate Your Sounds, Part 2: Continuous Sounds here:

Fun? Weirdest ever? Both?? Whatever your experience, I hope you also feel like your communication is clearer!





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