Gargle Instead of Clearing Your Throat

Are you guilty of clearing your throat? Even if it’s not a frequent habit and you only do it when you’re sick, it’s just not the best. Why? Well clearing your throat is actually pretty darn violent for your vocal cords – you’re essentially smashing them together trying to get the gunk off – when the truth is that the gunk is going to just settle back down anyway.

What’s a better thing to do? Gargle with warm salt water! It not only relieves the irritation in your throat, but it can literally dissolve the mucus. In today’s vocal health video, learn the specifics for the best way to gargle with salt and warm water to clear your throat! (I got a cold two weeks ago and I’ve been doing this non-stop since then!)

Watch the Gargle Instead of Clearing Your Throat video here:

Since it’s fall and it feels like nearly half of the people around me have gotten sick recently, I hope this is timely for you… though actually if I’m hoping, I hope even more that you’re getting your rest and eating well and staying healthy!



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