Humming (Sound)

In today’s How To Warm Up video, we’ll talk about why humming is one of the simplest and most fabulous exercises to warm up your voice. Why is it so great? Because humming up and down in pitch is a gentle stretch for your vocal cords! So it’s great to use as a warm up or cool down… in the same way that you would stretch out your hamstrings before and after you run.

I highly encourage you to adopt humming as part of your daily routine, and especially if you’re practicing making sound while releasing vocal tension.

Watch the Humming exercise video here

Do this instead of clearing your throat!



3 thoughts on “Humming (Sound)

  1. Great as always Elissa,
    Even with something as simple as this, you manage to add just that extra nugget of information to build on. Brilliant as usual! Only thing is …. It tickles!!☺

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