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How Your Voice Works

The online course explaining the anatomy and mechanics of the human voice! I created this course when I realized that there wasn’t one resource that simply, clearly, and comprehensively explained how the voice works. This is knowledge every voice user should know, because when we understand how our voice works we can use it more effectively. How Your Voice Works is a seven module class with exercise videos to embody your learning. Get started right away at: howyourvoiceworks.com


Private coaching

I offer private coaching online and in New York City for performers, professional speakers, and those needing help with their vocal health. In our session together we can address:

  • Exercises to release muscular tension and improve your voice, including Vibrant Voice Technique (vibrators for your voice!), yoga and other somatic movement practices, and Fitzmaurice Voicework

  • How to be more present and confident

  • How to communicate and articulate with more clarity

  • Text coaching on your scenes, monologues or songs (for performers) or your speeches (for public speakers)

I currently have a very full calendar, and only have select openings for new private clients. If you’re interested in private coaching, please fill out this form to express your interest.


Classes for performers

My artistic home here in New York is Anthony Meindl’s Actors Workshop, an incredible studio and community where I am the resident voice teacher. At the studio, I teach voice intensive workshops as well as a weekly voice classes on Tuesday afternoons. The voice intensive workshop is a pre-requisite to join the weekly Tuesday class (can be substituted with a 4 private sessions).

Please email me if you’re interested in joining voice classes at AMAW.


Corporate offerings

The “Speak With Your Whole Self” workshop is my unique offering for businesses and leaders. Please contact me to request information on how we can custom-tailor this workshop for your business.


Plus: please contact me if you’re interested in bringing me on as a vocal coach for your production or hiring me for a speaking engagement.