Loft Resonance (Resonance)

It’s time for another How To Warm Up video about resonance! In today’s video you’re going to learn how tapping on the top of your head will help you lengthen your vocal tract (the voice tube, if you will) up and down so you get a more lofty, floating sound. This exercise is especially valuable for people who are experiencing vocal fatigue and want to make a fuller sound with less work.

Watch the Loft Resonance video here:

Short, sweet, and helpful I hope! And stay tuned for another video on resonance next week 😊


2 thoughts on “Loft Resonance (Resonance)

  1. Michael LaPolla says:

    Love your videos! Would like to see you elaborate in another vid on squeezing the bottom of the toothpaste tube, so to speak, How to do it exactly,, holding it when singing, temporarily releasing it with breath intake. Thank you for being so giving. Hope you are still giving your harmonium a workout!!

    • Elissa Weinzimmer says:

      Great request Mike – will do my best to accomodate! In the meantime check out the Sh, Let It Go exercise!! (That’s the idea!)

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