Mask Resonance (Resonance)

Wanna have a voice that travels powerfully through space and pings off the side of the room? Work on your mask resonance! In today’s How To Warm Up video you will learn how to tap into the “mask” resonance in the front of your face (think cheekbones and eyebrows), you’ll be able to create a more powerful sound with less work. Sounds pretty appealing, right? Let’s do it!

Learn the Mask Resonance exercise here:

Enjoy this!!




2 thoughts on “Mask Resonance (Resonance)

  1. Rosslyn Picton says:

    Elissa, you are wonderful!! I am almost 55 years “YOUNG!” (next week) and started taking singing lessons with an amazing mentor when I was about 19 years old, here in Toronto. She was the first coach to teach me all about the mask! I love your positivity and clarity!

    Much Gratitude!
    Rosslyn Picton

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