Release on the Inhalation (Breath)

Our How To Warm Up video is longer than usual today. Why? Because it’s one of the most important exercises I teach, and I think you deserve to understand it fully! The exercise is called “Release on the Inhalation” and it’s for your breathing. It will teach you how to take an easy breath, which is incredibly important for speaking or singing without excess effort. I could go on and on about how this exercise will transform your ability to perform with confidence, ease any anxiety, and teach your nervous system how to be more adaptive. But I’ll leave the talking for the video – I trust that if you want to be a more centered performer/presenter you’ll have a watch!

Check out the “Release on the Inhalation” exercise here:

Also biggest credit and thanks to my mentor and colleague David Ley (my collaborator on Vibrant Voice Technique) for creating this exercise by coming up with the idea to reverse progressive relaxation… brilliant!




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