The Swinging Exercises (Body)

It’s time to warm up your Body! And today we’re going to be doing something more vigorous: exercises that use the momentum of swinging. These three simple exercises will warm up your spine, get your blood flowing, and get your breath moving. Best of all, they’ll only take you 2 minutes!. These are two of the best minutes you can add to your day, so check it out:

Check out the Swinging (Body) exercise here:

So fun right?!?
Okay and here’s the best part. As you can see in this video, at the end I blurted out that I wanted you to make me a gif. Well there are no mistakes, so I held a contest for my mailing list for best GIF. The rules of the contest are below if you’re curious, and CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, David, and runner up Melanie!

David’s GIF:

Melanie’s GIF:

Rules of the contest:

  1. Make a video of yourself doing one of these swinging exercises (on your phone is fine!)
  2. Upload that video to to create a gif.
  3. Caption it something creative (don’t hurt your brain… mine are not always actually clever, let’s be honest 😝 )
  4. Email it to me ( by Monday June 12th at midnight EST
  5. I’ll share the winner next week in my newsletter and here on the website!! (And maybe the runners up too, so keep in mind this could go public!)
  6. The prize? Enrollment in my How Your Voice Works online course!

Great work everyone!!!



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2 thoughts on “The Swinging Exercises (Body)

  1. Fun exercises! It is so important to get the blood flowing or “juiced up” before a vocal warmup! Thanks for this valuable tip!

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