Welcome to Speak From Your Vagina

I’ve got a little announcement about a side-project I’ve been working on… Welcome to Speak From Your Vagina. Speak From Your Vagina is a movement launching in the wake of the US presidential election. Read on to learn all about the project, and scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how you become […]

How do we cope in the face of world events?

I’m part of an amazing community of female entrepreneurs on Facebook (it’s called Dreamers//Doers and truly, it’s amazing), and we often converse about things beyond the scope of our businesses. This past weekend, our founder shared a beautiful post about how challenging it can be to cope with the news of tragic or unsettling world […]

It’s time to become a smoothie

I’ve been going through a very big time lately. I told myself that 2016 was going to be my Year of Transformation, and boy oh boy stuff is transforming. A lot of things are falling away, new things are emerging, and in general BIG CHANGE is happening in every aspect of my life. One of the […]