A vibrator for your voice!

Hi All, The How To Warm Up video series is BACK and better than ever!! WAHOO!! You’ll notice that the videos look sharper and more professional now. Why? Because you’ve been liking them, so I’ve invested in making them even more awesome and fun/helpful to watch! HUGE thank you to cinematographer Carlos Chiossone who I’m […]

Introducing Voice Body Kirtan – mark your calendar!

Update 10/1/2017: Voice Body Kirtan is now on Wednesday nights, and you can sign up here! — Dear All, I am so excited to share the details of my new offering with you today. Introducing… Voice Body Kirtan! ✨🎶🗣💖 What this means is: I’m starting a weekly chanting gathering in New York City, and you’re invited […]

It’s time to take action and lift our voices

Yesterday morning when I woke up the world felt incredibly quiet. I, my family, my friends, so many of us, were in shock. I truly didn’t think we lived in a country where we would elect Donald Trump. I’ve been thinking a lot about something I studied during my sophomore year of high school in […]

How do we cope in the face of world events?

I’m part of an amazing community of female entrepreneurs on Facebook (it’s called Dreamers//Doers and truly, it’s amazing), and we often converse about things beyond the scope of our businesses. This past weekend, our founder shared a beautiful post about how challenging it can be to cope with the news of tragic or unsettling world […]