Before I worked with Elissa, I wasn’t a good public speaker. I used to shake and I got really nervous. Watching myself on video I noticed a lack of inflection, strange eye movements and trying to remember “my lines” so hard that it came out awkward and forced. 

Elissa taught me how to have confidence, so when I did a panel 7 months later, I did it without so much as a stutter. She taught me to stand there, at that moment where I would have historically-speaking been uncomfortable, and melt into it, letting fear and anxiety wash away and settle into the pose, the present moment, instead. 

Simply put, today is not the time to be silent, and I credit Elissa with helping me find my voice when I didn’t even know I had one.

katie schloss

designer, licensor,
student, creative

Elissa is a master of bridging the very important connection between mind, body and voice! She teaches with soul because she is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but she’s passionate and interested in what she’s sharing. 

Her compassion makes her incredibly in-tune to the little shifts she can suggest so her students can better understand and use their voices in their acting and everyday life. 

She gets down to the soul of what really is going on, and with her techniques and practices she stirs up a beautiful concoction that transforms us.

JOan mann

actress & yoga teacher


“Working with Elissa was profound. I initially signed up because I had never done voice work and didn’t feel I had tools to effectively use my voice as a teacher or to chant. 

Elissa was able to both connect me to my body so that I understood the physical dynamics of voice, while also connecting it to yoga and spirituality, so it took on such deep meaning. 

Our work was nothing like I could have ever expected but more than I could have ever hoped. I learned new habits that I’m still integrating. The voice is powerful ad. I feel more in command by having new skills to use mine and to honor my voice.”

-Jen Netherby, Yoga Teacher

I began working with Elissa because I wanted to improve my ability to speak in any given situation – from intimate meetings to large audiences. 

Elissa was able to identify my specific needs and showed me how to improve my vocal performance with a simple, effective technique after a single private session. 

Her charisma, passion, and knowledge of the voice make her a delight to learn from. I look forward to working with her more.

Hunter Cressman

Meditation Teacher

Already a seasoned singer with a technique in my pocket, I came to Elissa to revisit voice use from a new perspective. Not only did Elissa teach me techniques to open up my voice as both a singer and a speaker, which over years of use and injury had become significantly less pleasant to use, she helped me understand the voice as an instrument in a whole new light. 

Additionally, she helped me put into words and theory much of what I have been teaching coaching clients in my practice who are working to refine their overall Executive Presence. Follow up was consistent and exercises assigned were relevant, easy to implement and impactful. I look forward to continuing my work with her!

Denna Goodman

Executive Coach and Singer

 “My sessions with Elissa have helped me immensely with my vocal confidence and communication. 

I find that I’m so much more aware of my habits, and able to shift my energy to be more present when I’m performing and when I’m teaching. 

Elissa is a warm, supportive and extremely knowledgable teacher, and I feel like I’ve grown so much working with her. “

-Cheryl Smallman, Actor and Writing Coach

Elissa is a master at demystifying this “scary” thing called, the voice. Because she is incredibly knowledgeable about her craft, her teachings are practical and direct. On top of that, she is innately kind, supporting, and encouraging. Elissa is the real deal!

Tyrone Davis Jr.


Working with Elissa has been a refreshing, engaging and encouraging experience. Elissa draws from a wide and expanding pool of knowledge, allowing her to guide, educate and advise in a logical and innovative manner.

Devin de Araujo


 “Elissa’s on-line courses are engaging, beneficial, and fun. Thoughtfully structured, each lesson extended my knowledge. 

Simple homework assignments anchored the material and improved my skill. 

By the end of the course, I had a new (and much better) understanding of how to work with my voice. Highly recommended.”

-Mike Gibson, Business Executive

Elissa’s work has helped change my experience of life.  Exactly what I have been seeking. 

She helped me release over 35 years of unconscious patterns that were no longer serving me and that I could never “figure out.” 

Now I understand what was going on and how to move through my old habits. With Elissa’s techniques, there was no “mind” and “figuring out” involved … just progress and transformation.

kristen kellogg


The How to Have Presence course with Elissa took me in to a completely different and wonderful world of communication and speech technique.

I learnt a huge amount about presence and voice range, and have immediately put the learnings to use. Elissa has a lovely positive energy and is extremely encouraging. 



 “When I first started working with Elissa, I wanted to fix a situation where I thought my voice was loud enough in my acting, but people were having a hard time hearing me.

We discovered that my voice was not originating from a feeling, but from a place where my mind was trying to control everything.

If Elissa had used a cookie-cutter approach, I would have never made the discoveries about myself that I did. The techniques she used was unlike anything I was expecting, and enabled me to make discoveries about myself that I am continuing to build on to this day.

Elissa engenders such a level of trust that I would not hesitate to work with her again and again!”

-Mark Hawk, Actor