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Hi, I’m Elissa! I’m here to help you bust through your vocal and physical blocks so you can communicate with more presence, power, and ease.

Learn How Your Voice Works

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Why Voice Body Connection?

When you think about your voice what do you think of?…

A metaphor for your identity? A gift that you cherish? A tricky, mysterious thing that you struggle with? A part of your body that’s made up of cartilage, muscle, and other tissue?

Our voice is our primary method of expression, our way to communicate with others, and a deep reflection of who we are. Yet most of us don’t really understand it.

In order to understand our voice, we need to understand our body. Research has shown that our mind and body aren’t separate, and the same goes for our voice and our body. They are inextricably linked, and when we embody our voice, we can communicate with our whole self.

Do you want to learn...

  • How your voice actually works?

  • How to be more present, confident, and powerful?

  • How to break the physical and vocal patterns that keep you stuck?

  • How to release the tension that makes you feel like you can’t express yourself easily?

  • How to share your thoughts more clearly so they can be understood?

  • If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I’m really glad you’re here. Let’s dive in to explore this voice body connection, shall we?


    P.S. I’d love to share more of my story with you and why I became passionate about voice (hint…it’s personal!). Come on over here to meet me

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